A fast Mercurial log navigator.



hgview is a simple tool aiming at visually navigate in a Mercurial repository history. It is written in Python with quick and efficient key-based navigation in mind, trying to be fast enough to be usable for very large repositories.


Display history

Graphical side-by-side diff to compare any two revisions of a file

Browse manifest of any revision without modifying the working directory

Graphlog for whole repository or for a file

Search and navigate

Search text in diff contents and commit messages

Jump to a revision given its number, hash, tag, branch, etc.

Efficient key-based navigation

View work in progress

Automatically refresh the display when the repository is being modified

Local modifications to current working directory appear as a special changeset

Advanced support for mq patch queues and evolve extension

Debian squeeze-backports and later

$ sudo apt-get install hgview

Ubuntu 12.10 and later

$ sudo apt-get install hgview


$ emerge dev-vcs/hgview

Arch Linux

# pacman -S hgview


$ portmaster devel/hgview

From source


You need to install: for the Qt interface: for the text interface:

Lastest snapshot

$ hg clone http://hg.logilab.org/master/hgview
$ cd hgview
$ python setup.py install

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